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The Saga of the Holy Kiss: One Of The Three Students Kissed By The Anglican Priest Speaks Out


One of the students kissed by the ‘holy kiss’ priest at St. Monica College of Education has spoken to Accra-based Starr FM, stating that the incident, which occurred a few days ago and went viral on social media, has left her traumatized.

According to the student, the priest, Father Balthazar Obeng Larbi, kissed the three Bible readers as a gesture of appreciation for their hard work since level 100.

She told Starr FM that the third girl kissed in the video exposed her virginity to her classmates, making her afraid to let the priest kiss her.

The student grew outraged after the Priest kissed her, claiming that the priest’s vile behavior had broken her virginity.

“The third girl the father kissed is a virgin, which is why she gave her cheek to be kissed by the father, but he forced it and kissed her lips instead. “She alleged the father had broken her virginity after the incident,” one of the ‘holy kiss’ females told Starr FM.

Starr FM is the source of this information.

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