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The Shs Girl Who Committed Suicidé Updates: Did You Know She Did That Out Of Fear? [ Details ]


Getting pregnant is very natural and is not a sin to do so. I still wonder how we sometimes do certain things.

Let us take a look at the situation.

Autopsy Indicates The Girl Was Pregnant And For That Reason She Had To Commit Suicide Because If Her Parents Gets To Know That She Was Pregnant She Would Be In Trouble.

What the girl did was very wrong to the extent lossing her life out of suicide but all depends on how she is treated at home i think.


Some parents tend to be too harsh on their wards with the least mistakes they make and such things put fears in them leading to certain outcomes.

All the burden are put on some children especially young students, they are always pressured and not given much attention at home ( bad relationship between children and parents)

Lets Put A Stop To That :

As Children , we should learn how to tell our parents what bothers us with no fears. You can even find someone who is an elder to lead you in times of trouble.

As parents, we need to develop good relationship with our children so that they will tell us their problems.

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