The world’s longest nonstop flights, updated

The world’s longest nonstop flights

Singapore Airlines currently operates the longest flight in the world, a whopping 9,527-mile nonstop from New York to the Lion City. Singapore Airlines also operates the second-longest flight in the world, the two-mile shorter, five-times weekly hop from Newark to Singapore and the third-longest flight, from Los Angeles to — you guessed it — Singapore.


For many of the world’s longest flights, winds can alter flight times considerably — especially in the direction that’s typically against the prevailing winds. For the Singapore to New York flight, a strong headwind could turn what’s normally 19-hour flight into a 22-hour one. Yikes! Thankfully, this route, and the others listed here, are almost all flown in some of the most advanced passenger cabins to date, even if most don’t come with a first-class cabin, but only business.


So, what are the world’s longest routes? You’ve come to the right place to find out. Here are the top 10 longest routes measured by statute miles as calculated by travel data firm OAG. Duration of flight data is provided by Cirium, an aviation data service.


We’ve listed the flight that typically has the longest scheduled flying time, normally the one that flies in the direction where headwinds are normal. Given geopolitical tensions associated with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, some actual flight times might be considerably longer than what is listed as airlines avoid Russian airspace. Other routes that might not normally make the cut — such as Cathay’s JFK-Hong Kong route — are flying longer-than-normal flight paths as they also seek to avoid Russian airspace.


The list below shows the world’s longest regularly scheduled flights operating at least once weekly as of May 1, 2022.


As the airline industry continues to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, some new and interesting ultra-long-haul routes have been announced for later this year, such as New York to Auckland on Air New Zealand and Dallas-Fort Worth to Melbourne on Qantas. Another notable ultra-long-haul route — Qantas’ nonstop between London and Perth — was suspended during the pandemic but is expected to resume later this year. For now, it’s operating from Darwin, Australia, which offers a shorter nonstop to London — but is still long enough to make the top 10.

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