Three(3) Effective Ways To Keep Snakes And Other Harmful Reptiles Out Of Your Toilet Bowl.

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It’s no longer news that a young lady died just a few days ago after being bitten by a hazardous poisonous snake that was purportedly hidden in her toilet bowl. Many people were terrified by the news. According to reliable reports, the young lady, who also happened to be a navy officer, went into the bathroom to defecate before her sad demise.


In that vein, I’ll go over the three methods you can keep snakes out of your toilet bowl and avoid more snake bites.

1. When your toilet isn’t in use, clean it, flush it, and close it.

This is where your personal hygiene enters the scene. Ensure that your toilet is properly flushed and clean at all times.

When your toilet isn’t in use, make sure it’s covered, and never use it in the dark.

2. Keep your surroundings clean to keep rodents like rats away.

Always keep your surroundings clean and unpleasant to rodents like rats, as snakes are known to pursue rats.

Snakes and other dangerous reptiles can flow through these pipes from the outside and into the toilet and other sections of the house, so be sure there are no gaps in the pipes leading into your toilet.

3. To keep snakes and other dangerous reptiles at bay, use onions and garlic.

Snakes are extremely sensitive to smell and are unable to tolerate the odors of onions or garlic.

So, by placing small pieces of garlic and onion in strategic areas in your toilet, you can utilize them as local repellants against snakes and other hazardous reptiles.


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