Tim Cook made it clear that Apple won’t adopt RCS any time soon

Tim Cook has responded to the question of why Apple hasn’t adopted RCS messaging, claiming that it isn’t of interest to Apple users — and urging people to buy iPhones instead.

Tim Cook was asked at the Code 22 conference why Apple refuses to add Rich Communication Services (RCS) support to Messages. The question comes after Google has been campaigning for RCS support, which would theoretically make messaging more efficient.

“At this point, I don’t see our users asking us to put a lot of energy into that,” Cook replied to the questioner. “I’d be delighted to convert you to an iPhone.”

The unnamed questioner used his current situation with his mother as an example. He would like to share videos with her, but she is an Android user and can only communicate with him via text or SMS messages.

“Buy your mom an iPhone,” said Cook.

The conversation ended there, with neither party commenting on how, while Messages and RCS are a hot topic in the United States, they aren’t anywhere else. Outside the US, alternatives such as WhatsApp are so very much more prevalent than Apple’s or Google’s systems.

It was also not the case that RCS remained unfinished after many years. It was also left out that Google is promoting RCS solely because its own messaging alternatives have failed to gain traction.

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