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Top 10 Remarkable Qualities Of A Good Teacher You Must Know



Qualities of a good teacher – Explained

Who is a really good teacher?

There are many things to consider when answering this question.

Next, we will study the ten qualities of an excellent teacher, which we believe are essential for high-quality teaching and truly establishing a strong teacher-student relationship.

1. Communication skills.

Communication skills are on the top of the list to make an excellent teacher. Effective communication is a basic asset acquired in a professional and intimate environment.

This is the root of a successful and unforgettable relationship. In teaching, having strong communication skills is the basic quality for establishing a teacher-student relationship and creating an environment of mutual trust among students.

Good communication skills are essential to the goals of teaching itself.


As a teacher, having the ability to constructively express language, written, visual, and body language cues, as well as the ability to transform ideas into comprehensible structures for students, will bring students deep insights and achieve excellent results.

Teachers must be able to communicate classroom lessons to students in an effective and structured manner.In this way, students will know exactly their expectations, including knowing the deadlines for specific assignments or assignments, so that students can successfully hand in their work.

If students can not fully understand or understand the expectations or direction of a particular task or task, teachers must do their best to communicate.

2. Listening skills.

Becoming a good teacher means letting your students listen to your voice and ensuring that you listen to them and give them the attention they need by answering all their questions.

The value of listening is behind it, allowing you to better understand your students. Aristotle once said that “the one who knows will do”, and the one who knows “does” .

Knowing the abilities of students is one of the keys to becoming a good teacher.

It can help you understand what is effective and what is not effective in teaching specific students and the entire group of students. Every student is different and expresses himself in his own way.

By actively asking questions and carefully listening to students’ opinions, teachers can further improve their communication with students.

Through strong listening skills, teachers can create a stronger, healthier, and higher-quality learning environment.

3. Friendly attitude.

Friendly behavior is one of the most valuable aspects of a good teacher.

Showing a friendly attitude towards students will make you more approachable. It is more likely to stimulate students’ desire to learn.

By being considered more accessible, students will be more comfortable asking questions.

In turn, this will improve communication between students and teachers and create a more positive learning environment.

The best teachers are often open, friendly, enthusiastic, and, most importantly, safe when approaching.

As a teacher, an important thing about having a friendly attitude is the kind of trust that can be built in the classroom.

When a student thinks the teacher is friendly, the student is more likely to open up to the teacher and therefore more likely to trust him.

A sense of trust will further strengthen communication in the learning environment and increase productivity.

Students need to feel comfortable in their learning space to exert their best abilities. Through a friendly demeanor, you can develop this sense of comfort and self-confidence, thus truly taking your teaching to a new level.

The most important thing is that having a friendly demeanor can make you an unforgettable teacher.

There is nothing more charming than being that teacher. People will never forget how you make them feel.

4. Patience is a virtue, especially in the field of teaching.

As a teacher, dealing with several children at the same time is not an easy task and requires a lot of patience.

In terms of learning, different students will show different levels of ability. It is important to consider this point, as it will help students stay out of style and promote a successful teaching environment.

Remember, you are a role model, showing a lack of patients will only negatively reflect on the teacher and provide students with the teacher’s shortcomings.

Another factor to consider is that patient teachers may be more able to adapt to different teaching environments.

Different individual students and age groups will show different difficulties in interaction, communication, and teaching.

Through tolerance, tutors will be more voluntary to understand each of these students and universal age groups.

Good teaching is inseparable from experience. However, when it comes to involving students in the learning process, patience will allow teachers to learn and better understand which specific strategies are effective and which are not.

5. Strong professional ethics is one of the basic qualities on our list of outstanding teachers.

A good teacher never gives up and treats his students even less.

Having a strong code of ethics will always be reflected in your students and your work delivery.

As a role model, having strong professional ethics will help your students develop strong professional ethics, and is a particularly important part of our list of outstanding teacher qualities.

Good professional ethics is accompanied by professionalism, responsibility, and preparation.

To express strong professional ethics, you must be responsible for several things, including possible improper behavior of your students in the classroom environment. Unfortunately, not all students’ attitudes and behaviors have the same attention span or the same level of discipline.

Teachers must be patient and remember that this is an inevitable part of teaching. By having strong professional ethics, teachers can more effectively realize what is effective and what is ineffective in the teaching environment of their particular students.

If something doesn’t seem to work, teachers should try their best to find a solution that suits the teaching goals. We have been in contact with many recruiters at the school.

Recruiters observe subtle behaviors to determine whether a person is suitable for a teaching position and whether they are suitable for the position.

Behaviors and expressions in job interviews reveal professional ethics and attitudes.

This includes frequent drinking, constant checking of mobile phones, leaning forward or away from webcams, yawning, or other distracting behaviors.

In addition, it is essential to attend interviews and virtual courses on time and on time. We recommend that teachers enter the classroom at least five minutes before the start of the course.

This gives teachers time to test their equipment and allows students to enter the classroom in advance to warm up. This also means that teachers should complete the course at the end of the course, not before. Teachers must also be absent.

Please be aware of time zone differences and remember that students come from all over the world. Some regions do not have daylight saving time, such as China, although technically there are 4 time zones, there is only one standard time zone.

6. Organizational skills

Teachers must be good organizers. Being organized is essential to becoming a good teacher and is the primary quality of a good teacher.

Without organizational skills, teachers may lose their understanding of deadlines, expectations, and assignments.

Most teachers tend to take notes after class and keep some important points in mind when the class is over.

In this way, the teacher can easily prepare the necessary materials for the next class and know exactly where he put them.

Bad organizations can waste education and time. Being an organized teacher means that teachers know exactly where their students are, and they are ready to start classes. These courses can effectively improve student learning.

In this way, teachers can better inform students of their expectations.

7. Preparation is the key feature of being a good teacher.

Prepare to go hand in hand with the organization.
Teachers need to prepare for their lessons in advance by looking at all the classroom materials they will present.

Most of the online English teaching platforms and overseas teaching jobs listed on OET Jobs have prepared teaching plans and materials for teachers.

Teachers can preview their classroom materials in the classroom on the teacher portal.

Teachers can do this 6 to 12 hours before the class.

Preparatory work allows teachers time to effectively set clear and realistic expectations. In this way, teachers can convey these expectations to students in a more constructive way. It is also important to prepare for the online teaching environment and prepare all necessary settings, such as lighting, background, whiteboard, etc.

8. Disciplinary skills

To answer what makes a good teacher, one must consider discipline. Teachers with strong discipline will effectively promote positive behaviors in the classroom. Maintaining classroom discipline is essential to creating a positive learning environment that supports learning. Teachers can do this by expressing and maintaining a series of classroom learning standards.

9. Student-friendly teaching environment

It is really necessary to have a student-friendly teaching environment in your classroom.

As a teacher, you are a role model for your students; therefore, you want to set the best role model.

This means that teachers should not bring their problems and negative emotions to the classroom.

Doing the opposite will damage the classroom system and environment, and cause serious harm to students’ physical and mental health, especially to young children, both physically and mentally.

Age group or more conservative culture. It should be noted that the teacher reflects the organization that works with him and the organization that works for him.

10. Respect attitude

Respect is everything, in all areas of work, and most importantly, in life. Teachers must not threaten, make fun of, insult or make fun of children in any way.

Doing so is not only a threat and disrespect to the students, but also disrespect to yourself and the class.

Respect for every student and the entire teaching environment is essential. Showing any form of disrespect will not only damage the child’s psychology but also endanger his job and reputation; teachers who disrespect students may be blacklisted.

The ESL teaching circle is often smaller than most people think. As we all know, internal recruiters often go through different ESL companies.

As a person, the most important thing is that, as a teacher, respect and responsibility for your actions are essential.

In addition to respecting the students and the teaching environment, you must also show respect for the company you work for by not talking about the business offerings.

Famous sayings claim that respect is something to win, not to give.

If you are a respected teacher, your company, your colleagues, and most importantly, your students are likely to respect you.

Treating your students with the same respect you expect them to treat you is important. Don’t forget, after all, you are indeed a role model for students.


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