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Trip-and-Fall Accidents on Los Angeles Sidewalks: Who Is Responsible?

Trip-and-Fall Accidents on Los Angeles Sidewalks

It might be difficult to imagine, but trip-and-fall liability claims involving sidewalks cost the City of Los Angeles between $3 million and $5 million annually.

According to the Los Angeles Times, approximately $1.6 billion in repairs are needed for 42 percent of the 10,750 miles of mostly concrete sidewalks in Los Angeles.

At the current rate at which repairs are being made, which is negligible, it could take almost 70 years to complete the repairs.

So who is accountable in law for harms brought on by a trip-and-fall incident involving a hazardous or damaged sidewalk?

The answer is more complicated than one may anticipate and ultimately depends on the particulars of a certain accident. A classic tug-of-war between the city and homeowners, for instance, frequently involves homeowners requesting that the city pay for sidewalk repairs because the city planted the trees that caused the damage.

However, some city officials assert that many of the trees are truly the property of the homeowners.

Overall, though, a homeowner may be held accountable if they were at fault for the condition of the walkway or its hazard. When someone trips and falls on a dangerous sidewalk and can show that the sidewalk posed a risk and contributed to the injury accident, the city is responsible.

Keeping these things in mind, the most important thing is to come up with a solution that would stop people from tripping and getting hurt or making it difficult for them to cross a sidewalk.

Additionally, it’s critical to protect those who use sidewalks, such as the elderly, those with disabilities who have mobility issues, mothers pushing strollers, and others, by keeping them safe.

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