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University of Ghana Students F¡lmed “‘Ch0p!nģ’” Themse|ves Behind Hostel [Watch _ Now]


The idleness of some University of Ghana students has been filled with amorous serving of one another following the UTAG strike, as the devil finds work for the ideal intellect.

The University Teachers’ Association of Ghana (UTAG) strike has left many students with little to do, therefore some have decided to feast on each other to pass the time (to put it mildly).

In the dark, a guy and a lady were filmed. The guy became enraged and reached out for the low hanging fruits on the lady’s chest, which he began chewing on hungrily.

That is how two students from the University of Ghana, the country’s top postsecondary institution, were photographed giving each other special treatment.

While students having $3z on campus is not a new phenomena, the UTAG strike has prompted the practice because students are bored.


The h0rnyne$zx of these students is caused by UTAG’s strike.

Many students have departed schools for their homes, according to reports from various educational institutions, while those on campus are $3xually predating one another.

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