(Watch) Gym instructor : see what he was spotted doing to a woman during a workout session

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Following the wild publicity generated from the death of an Accra-based gym instructor who allegedly had affair with older women that were his client, the activities of gym instructors in the country have come under intense scrutiny.


It’s for this reason that this new video of another gym instructor tailoring his activities along the same tangent that replicates the guy who was fatally shot in Tantra Hills in Accra has become the focal point on the internet.

In this video, a lady clad in her gym regalia lying prostrate with her protruding buttocks and thighs being massaged by the excited gym instructor. Under normal circumstances, there’s nothing sinister about this because this is what constitutes gym routines.

However, people are making a great fuss about it owing to what we mentioned earlier about the guy who was killed for ‘eating’ his female clients who frequented his gym.

Watch the video below;

In other news, a female Junior High School (JHS) teacher has relegated GES (Ghana Education Service) code of conduct to the background by indulging in an act that could possibly get her into trouble.

In the video sighted on 360News, the woman whose backside is her distinctive feature positioned her phone camera and proceeded to shake her backside wildly in a typical ‘happy yourself’ fashion.

She recorded the video in a classroom probably at the time all the kids had gone out for a break. Watch the video by clicking here. 

SOURCE: GHbase.com


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