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What a girl feel about this society |What are her sufferings|


I am a twenty two year old girl,
and what do I feel about society?
Well it’s made up of layers,
They say everything here,
is right and fair!
What about the voice of a girl?
Isn’t this society compelling her to whirl?
According to them,
Whenever they call,
she is obliged to run,
without having, for herself, any fun!
They say we live in an independent nation,
Where she do not have liberty,
to wear attire of her choice,
and of the narration!
They say don’t talk to strangers,
then why the same people,
force her to indulge with them,
for a conversation?

They say, what will you do,
by becoming so successful,
just find a groom,
by getting beautiful!
What about her dreams?
They would say,
Let them sink, if they sinks!
And then, here,
we live in a maverick nation!
They say, for a rape survivo,
Oh! what a pity!
But why did she wear those clothes?
Nobody would ask the boy.
Why did he commit such an evil tort?
They say, why don’t you do it on your own?
But on the other hand,
they won’t let her do it on her own!
In our society, there are,
endless circles and layers,
acting as an invisible prison for her,
which she can’t break,
even after her desire!
She breathes, she is breathing,
but still she is unable to breathe!

That’s the irony of this society!
She can’t explain,
what she suffers from,
she can’t find a way to escape,
she just have to tolerate,
and still stand by!
And then they say.
You have a chance of doing anything you want to do!

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