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WhatsApp Could Block Your Account On May 15th, Here Is The Reason


Whatsapp: The globe has seen a lot of progress and growth in almost every area of endeavor. From medicine to warfare to the car industry to social media and more…, there is something for everyone.

All of these developments and advancements are based on technology, which has advanced at an unparalleled rate.

WhatsApp is one of the most significant social media breakthroughs the world has ever seen.

Since its launch in January 2009, the business has expanded at a breakneck pace, and since its acquisition by Facebook Inc. in 2015, it has become the world’s most popular messaging application.


WhatsApp has a global user base of over 2 billion people and handles massive amounts of data regularly.

WhatsApp processed over 700 million images and over 100 million videos, in addition to more than 10 billion messages a day, according to figures from August 22, 2014.

Because of the massive amounts of data it processes, as well as the personal information of its users that it stores, the problem of privacy and data protection is critical.

Despite the fact that WhatsApp did not initially provide encryption services, which was one of the reasons for its widespread criticism, the company closed that gap in April of 2016, when it introduced absolute end-to-end encryption.

Even though its terms and privacy policies are already in place, WhatsApp continues to update them over time to better meet current realities, and I recently received a notification to that effect.

The company clarified in the notification that they, as a company, cannot read or listen to my conversation, which is one of the major advantages of end-to-end encryption, which they claim can never be broken.

They also mentioned that the company will be adding more information to their policies, including information on how to chat with business accounts and how companies can control their chats using Facebook software.

The update will also discuss how they would process their users’ data to keep their accounts secure.

Furthermore, the update will emphasize how they will be collaborating with Facebook to deliver new products and services.

The key point of the update notice is that it will take effect on May 15, 2021, and that the only way to continue using WhatsApp after that date is for users to accept the update by clicking the “ACCEPT” button.

Here’s a screenshot of the notification I received:

If you’ve got this notice and haven’t yet approved the latest WhatsApp terms and privacy policy update, you have until May 15, 2021, to do so, or your account will most likely be blocked.

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