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Why does your computer take a long time to wake up? (Turning On)


If your computer works very slowly, follow the steps below.

  • Make sure that no storage media is connected to the
    computer. After pressing the power button on the computer, the BIOS will load the POST. POST starts searching for system software (operating system) on any available additional storage media. Before looking for a hard drive, first the CD ROM drive, then all pen drives or flash drives connected in that order. This will slow down the startup process. Therefore, unless you want to run a bootable drive (to install a new operating system or repair an old drive), make sure to remove all CDs before turning off the computer, and make sure to remove any Pen drives before turning on the computer.
  • Disable startup applications
    Suppose 10 to 20 people are trying to enter a door at the same time. What’s going on? They squeeze. They were successful in the end, but it took them longer to get into them. It is easier for them to enter one after another or two entries in sequence. The same thing happens when you turn on the computer. After the computer starts, some applications installed on the computer will start to run automatically. You won’t see them open on your desktop, instead they will run in the background without your knowledge. Once the computer’s operating system completes the boot sequence, they will start immediately. These applications mainly cause your computer to crash immediately after the desktop appears. Getting rid of them is very simple. No need to uninstall them. You just need to prevent them from starting when the computer starts. Some applications need to run, while others do not. Antivirus software, cloud software and device drivers are the most important tools to run, so you don’t have to disable them. Each operating system has a method to disable system applications.
    You can disable startup applications in MSCONFIG of Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and switch to the startup tab.
    You can use Windows 8, Windows 10 Disable applications Startup in Task Manager and
    switch You can disable startup applications in Linux in “System”, “Preferences” and “Session” and switch to startup tab.
    You can disable the startup application in MAC OS in “System Preferences”, “Users and Groups” and “Login”.
  • Clean and jerk all unwanted files file Every estimator keeps unwanted files that can are found in the recycle bin. It’s just like dust and cobwebs in your room. You don’t make them but they still show display up. In a computer, these files can be antivirus dump files, downloaded political program files, temporary cyber black files, delivery optimization files, thumbnail, temporary files, etc. They take a lot of space and also slows the computer. Glade they are very easy. Most operating systems have default software to remove them but they would only work if you tell them to. Remember I told you earlier that the computer cannot carry out tasks automatically. It needs you to instruct it. Windowpane got platter cleaning. So you can strike your start push and character saucer cleanup. The process is very simple. Other third-party applications do that. You can check them out.

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