You Can Now Send Short Movie Scene As Clip On Amazon Prime App

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Amazon Prime has now inculcated a new feature that lets us share screen clips from its original series and shows on the app.


This feature will go a long way to help out in sharing thoughtful and funny moments on Prime series with friends, or social media. This feature is currently rolling out with limited features to Prime customers on the iOS Platform app. 


Meanwhile, this was Amazon Prime on Thursday, announced that customers will be presented with an option to share screen contents from some of Prime Original series, including The Wilds, Invincible, Fairfax, and season 1 of The Boys. Adding that the feature will further be rolled out to more original content in the future. 

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This is a really good move for the streaming client given that its competitors such as Netflix, Disney Plus and HBO Max is yet to inculcate the feature and thus allow customers to be able to share screen clips moments on series and movies from their apps.

How To Share a Clip On Amazon Prime Video App

Curently, the feature is only limited to a few original series like the ones aforementioned at the top.

Simply play any of the series on the Amazong Video app via your iPhone or iPad device.


At the beginning, as soon as its starts playing, you will find a Share a clip button in X-Ray mode by tapping the screen as the video plays.

Tap the Share a Clip button on the screen The button shows up in the lower right-hand corner of the app when your device is in landscape mode.

At once the currently streamed series will automatically pause and will open a clip, edit and share screen where it will generate a 30-second clip of what you just watched.

You can then move the selection forward and backward to ensure you capture the right clip section you want.

The feature also allows for preview to ascertain the certainty of the clip for sending.

After that, tap the Share button on the screen. You’ll then be presented with an overlay of option to share with your friends either through iMessage, WhatsApp or Messenger or more widely on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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